Helen O’Grady Academy Cyprus Teacher

Carola is a solution focused oriented Social Worker, Master Life Coach & Trainer, with a 15+ year’s Rich experience in working with Families, children, youth and adults. Her chosen Path is a “life purpose” and has deep roots in her unconditional Love for people and the inner Power we all possess to Achieve, Overcome and Create.  All her work is the manifestation of This. She is currently completing her last year for the Systemic Psychotherapy Certificate. Furthermore she is attending the second year of a course on child and adolescence Psychotherapy as well as Playtherapy. Her future plans include  a psychotherapy degree in play and Drama Therapy. Her vision is to create a therapeutic community especially for Children and their Families where relationships can be healed and rebuild. She has experience in working  organizing and presenting workshops, seminars & trainings on various Issues regarding the human psyche and potential as well as Leadership, for Professionals in various fields and for Families, Children & Youth. She is currently active as a field worker in the section of Family and Children, Protection & Counseling Services, at the District Welfare Office in Nicosia. Her latest project regards the organization and presentation of “Conscious Parenting” Workshops in Paphos Cyprus, with great Success. Carola lives with her three dogs in the beautiful village of Tsada in Paphos.